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Johnny Only Kids' Music - Baby Teeth Need Love Too!

I am so excited about our new sponsor - Valley Dental Pediatrics!

Last week I had a very inspiring conversation with Michelle. She is a dentist and a partner with Valley Dental Pediatrics.

Michelle is on a mission to help kids to have healthy teeth. Tooth decay is a preventable disease and Michelle is sponsoring us as a way to help our community with dental wellness.

I will be working with her to do our part at our musical play dates. We'll be singing some wellness songs and some tooth brushing songs too!

Many of us parents suffered from tooth decay simply because we didn't know better. But now know and so we can help our own kids have a brighter dental future than we had.

That is exciting! Please look me up for the latest times and locations!

Vestal Rail Trail 2nd annual neon night run 

 What an amazing turn out for this event!  We were so happy to be a part  of it!


March of Dimes walk - Walk for Babies 

Our team does this walk annually and it is always a big success.  


Community Participation: 

  • March of Dimes
  • Ava's Little Heroes - Animal Adventure
  • Danielle House
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Ross Park Zoo Stroller Safari and train
  • Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk
  • Binghamton Rumble Ponies
  • Binghamton Devils
  • Children's Dental Health Month
  • Local Health Fairs

Our hygienists and assistants regularly visit local Pre-schools and elementary school to teach kids about good oral hygiene and healthy snack choices.



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